As we walk along in life, we leave footprints,
As we touch, we leave fingerprints and handprints,
As we touch hearts, we will leave heartprints.

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Heartprints - KIDS for a Cause Foundation, (a not-for-Profit Incorporation as at March 25, 2008), was started by Tamara in the Spring of 2007 as a natural evolution from a "Pay it Forward" school project – an assignment to plan and carry out an idea that would make a difference to the environment or community. The Pay it Forward project afforded Tamara, then 12 years old, an avenue to practically and usefully channel her compassion for the plight of those who are homeless. Tamara was close to a family who experienced homelessness in 2006 and seeing this family’s struggle aroused her empathetic, sensitive nature. It was tough to know personally a family who used the services of "Inn From the Cold" before once again obtaining safe, affordable accommodation.

Tamara decided to help the homeless of Calgary by making jewelry and selling her wares. With her natural artistic talent and flair, combined with compassion for the less fortunate, her efforts and determination opened a pathway for her to make a difference and to be moved to inspire others with her cause. On May 26, 2007 she sold her wares and collected donations at the Calgary Farmer’s Market for her “Pay It Forward” assignment.

Since that time, Tamara has continued with her fundraising efforts. She recruited help from peers. She inquired with businesses and received opportunities to sell her wares as well as be invited to events specifically to sell her wares.

In the Summer of 2008, Tamara was honoured by the Drop-In Centre for her ongoing philanthropy efforts. She was given the honour of being the first recipient of the JaDI Light Sabre Award. Tamara's article (written as the first inaugural column) was placed on page 3 of the July 2008 Newsletter of the Drop-In.

In 2013, the fundraising goal of a record of $10,000 in total fundraising since inception was not only reached, it was exceeded!  As at December 31, 2013, total fundraising since inception reached just over $10,440.00.

Fundraising efforts for charity through Heartprints-KIDS for a Cause Foundation is ongoing.  As at October 22, 2016, total fundraising since inception is just over $11,500.00. 


As of October 22, 2016, total monies raised since inception reached just over $11,500.00 (just under $7,700.00 has been donated to charities, with balance covering operating costs and supplies). All net sales proceeds have been donated to organizations chosen by Tamara for the programs they each run to help homeless people, including the working poor and, especially, for their focus on achieving affordable housing ( Calgary Homeless Foundation, Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre, Mustard Seed Ministry, Inn From the Cold Society, Rowan House Emergency Shelter, and the Alpha House.  

We believe that homelessness shouldn't be happening in Calgary, especially to children. On a daily basis in Calgary, the Inn From the Cold offers shelter to those (families, seniors, single men and women) who have nowhere else to go.  Inn From the Cold has two emergency shelter programs: its Emergency Family Shelter and its community shelter program.  With the help of volunteers, hot meals are also prepared and served. Without the services provided by the Inn From the Cold Society and it's volunteers, where would these homeless families stay each night? What is really needed in Calgary is safe, affordable housing so that all children can count on having a place to call home. A place to simply experience growing up in a stable and normal family-like atmosphere.

Tamara continues with her fundraising efforts, donating the money raised to causes near to her heart. The objects of Heartprints - KIDS for a Cause Foundation include providing opportunities for and encourage youths between the ages of seven (7) and seventeen (17) to engage in activities, projects and endeavours for charitable purposes. Our focus for fundraising since inception has been for the working poor and the need for affordable housing in Calgary, Alberta.  Our goal every calendar year is to meet or beat a "$500 or over" donation to  the Calgary Homeless Foundation

Tamara’s goal is to continue doing what she can to to raise funds so that safe, affordable housing is a reality for all children and their parents. She hopes you will help make a difference by supporting her efforts to make "Big Change Possible"! Numerous sales have been by 'word of mouth'. Orders have (and can also) be made via e-mail. 

THANK YOU to all our volunteer workers!!

Check our website for updated notice(s) on "Upcoming Fundraiser Events". 


Dishcloths and
Scrubbies (Potscrubbers)

Dishcloths: Each made with knitted 100% cotton yarn.

Scrubbies:  Each made with knitted 100% cotton yarn intertwined with four 1.9 meter long 1 inch strips of nylon netting.

Some of our dishcloth and scrubbie products are currently on display for sale at:

Stylemakers Hair Design, 3109 Palliser Drive SW, Calgary


DESIGNER DISHCLOTHS with matching SCRUBBIE (Pot Scrubber).  Patterns for sale on Ravelry at:


Patterns designed specifically for our fundraising efforts can be purchased online at:

Custom orders are also made. We accept donations of beads and many other supplies. We have designed and sold quite a number of the beaded lanyards (ID Necklaces)and are always interested in new ideas. The beaded lanyard also works well for securely holding USB (Memory Sticks) ... works great for school and/or office use.

Heartprints - KIDS for a Cause Foundation does offer private showings of our wares and that is actually our preference. Word of mouth is wonderful!

Check out more photos on our Facebook Group page at:

In winding up her school project "Pay it Forward", Tamara meets with representatives of her chosen charities to present the money raised to The Seed and to the Drop-In & Rehab Centre on June 4, 2007. Tamara pledged to keep on with her fundraising efforts, which she has done with remarkable success.

Helpers with Heartprints - KIDS for a Cause Foundation make all kinds of products:

Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn Scarves

A classy way to dress up any outfit!


Wrap around bracelets made with crystal beads in a pattern with a magnetic bead to a length of about 28" (can be worn as a necklace or choker). Magnetic beads are believed by many to bring therapeutic relief of joint pain as well as to improve circulation within the body.

To meet requests for young children's bracelets, a new product line is stretchy bracelets. Unisex as well as dainty patterns designed specifically for young customers.

What do we make?

Designer Dishcloths, Scrubbies, Magnetic wrap bracelets/necklace, Hand-knitted scarves , ID Necklaces/ Lanyards, Beaded ID Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, stretchy children's bracelets, beaded keychains

Looking for a gift for someone or something for yourself? You are sure to find something you like or you can custom order what you want!

We also do repairs, like restringing necklaces and replacing clasps.

Custom made personalized child stretchy bracelet with charms:

As of March 25, 2008 we were officially incorporated as a not-for-profit Alberta Corporation under the name "Heartprints – KIDS for a Cause Foundation".


Annual Fundraiser ... TBA

All our products make great gift ideas for all occasions Christmas!

All sale proceeds raised are donated to charities supporting affordable housing and related support costs to end homelessness in Alberta.


Private showings available upon request.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." (Mother Teresa)

Please phone, email, or drop by and see us at upcoming events for more information.

Tel: 403-275-6122 e-mail: [**click on link]

Join us as a member on FaceBook: (More photos are posted to our group page on FaceBook)  [**click on link]